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Kevin Israel at Catch Catch Princeton
Saturday, August 20 2022
At the age of six, Kevin remembers watching stand-up comics on Saturday Night�
Gold. He was obsessed with making people laugh. For many years he delighted his�
family during dinner time with jokes he had memorized from his library of joke�
books. His mother would tell friends that Kevin was �the walking joke machine.�
Shortly after graduating from college, Kevin began performing at amateur shows�
and open-mic nights. Over the years he has created an act that is unique and�
telling of his own story.�
Kevin combines the humor garnered from years of family dinners with his own�
observational experiences and insights on family, relationships and life in general.�
Once a lawyer, he broke his poor mother�s heart when he left the practice of law to�
pursue his real passion - comedy.
Kevin has been performing in clubs and venues across the country for over a�
Thirteen years. He is the winner of the prestigious 2013 Gilda�s Club Laugh-Off�
Competition and has been featured on Sirius Radio�s Raw dog Channel. Kevin also�
tours nationally with his comedy troupe, Comedians-at-Law, a group of lawyers turned comedians.