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Kerri Louise at Catch 00
Friday, February 17 2023 - Saturday, February 18 2023

kerri_louise.jpgWho can turn the world on with her smile? Mary Tyler Moore. But who can turn the world on with her hysterical stories, original humor, and boisterous characters? Kerri Louise.

High-energy, commanding, and versatile  but enough about her sex life Kerri can entertain any audience with her warmth and razor-edge wit. So it's no wonder that Kerri is a regular correspondent on the Oprah Winfrey Show and that took Kerri all the way to the finals in NBC's hit show, Last Comic Standing. Kerri may not have gotten in the house on the hit reality show, but she impressed The Women's Entertainment network enough for them to make her the star of their new reality show called Two Funny. You will surely get a laugh while watching Kerri along with her husband and her twin baby boys on the WE Network. After giving birth to her third son, Kerri was asked to be a regular radio personality on The Radio Rita's.

Kerri gives common sense, funny, mommy advice as the Mean Mommy. That landed her a spot on The Montel Williams Show's well as The Fine Living Channel. Kerri's broad appeal has made her a natural on television appearances like Comics Unleashed, ABC's The View and 20/20, Fox's The Dr. Oz Show, NBC's Access Hollywood and The Apprentice, Comedy Central, VH-1, and New Joke City.

Part Generation-X, part girl-next-door, Kerri Louise is a pleasure to watch. Her movie debut in The Next Karate Kid addicted her to showbiz, hence her move from her hometown of Boston to New York City, where she quickly established herself as a player in the top comedy clubs. These credits plus her appearance in Marie Claire Magazine, HBO's Aspen Comedy Festival, and the Montreal Comedy Festival have made Kerri an attraction.

Working throughout the country and leaving her audiences applauding, Kerri Louise is on the fast track to stardom.