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Show Calendar for Catch! Reno

Dave Mencarelli

November 25 - 30

Dave Mencarelli’s quirky wit, low self esteem, and mild narcissism are the perfect recipe for laughter. He’ll take you on a trip to his family’s home in Arkansas where graduating from the sixth grade is considered an accomplishment .


Frances DiLorinzo

December 2 - 7

Frances DiLorinzo is like the goofy, wisecracking friend we’ve all hung out with. Her amazing talent to draw laughter from any situation has been a constant influence for keeping her act hip and hilarious.


Kevin Downey Jr. and Eric Potts

December 9 - 14

Kevin Downey, Jr. is a comedian in New York City.


Rick D’Elia and Reno's Rising Stars

December 16 - 28

Originally from Boston, Rick D’Elia has been a recurring sketch performer on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” whose keen observational humor and quick wit lead him to the finals in the prestigious San Francisco Comedy Competition. People are talking about this kid.


New Years Eve Bash with K-von

December 30 - 31

As the star of MTV’s hit show “Disaster Date” K-von’s humor has made an international impact. This hilarious hidden-camera show displays his many talents as each of his characters prove funnier and more outrageous than the last.