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Hyatt Regency Princeton
102 Carnegie Center
Princeton, NJ 08540

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Comedians! Catch A Rising Star has
formed a partnership with the
National Association of Comedians.
It is a unique organization that provides support
for working comedians. It's often difficult for a
touring comedian to find adequate Health Insurance
and other necessary services most
Human Resources Departments provide.
The NAC has leveraged the power of numbers
so that individual comedians will have access
 to group discounts including health insurance. 
As a member, you are part of a recognized
national professional association. Using the
National Association of Comedians, LLC logo on
your business cards, marketing materials and
web site will give you credibility and give your
career a boost.   You will gain knowledge through
educational seminars and communication
with other NAC members with our members only
message system.  
Comedian Member Dues:  $19.99 per year.
Show Calendar for Catch! Princeton

Corey Rodrigues

April 25 - 26

For the past few years, Corey Rodrigues has been racking up comedy competition victories around New England. Once you see him on stage you'll see why.


Mike Gaffney

May 2 - 3

Mike grew up in a tough New Jersey neighborhood where he quickly learned he needed to get tough or get funny…Hes not that tough but Mike Gaffney is very funny. Mike’s style of comedy is very conversational discussing day to day life not only as a single dad but as a friend, son , uncle and all around good guy.


Tom McTiernan

May 16 - 17

Tom McTiernan is was one of eight children, and grew up in the suburbs of New York City. Being a product of such a multi-cultural and media driven area of the country, leads to many unanswered questions.


Dan Wilson

May 23 - 24

Exactly one year to the day that Dan Wilson quit college for a career in show business, he was building cars on an assembly line! After welding the exact same spot on 499,207 cars, he lost his mind, making him a perfect candidate for the world of stand-up comedy. Dan Wilson is one of those breezy, gentle types that will hit you like a building collapsing.


Sandy Marks

May 30 - 31

Sandy Marks is a socially provocative and extremely funny comedian who tours nationally. Sandy has become one of the most versatile and highly entertaining comics working today.