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Davin Rosenblatt at Catch Princeton
Friday, October 27 2017 - Saturday, October 28 2017

New York based comedian Davin Rosenblatt has been entertaining audiences throughout the country for several years. His likeable, yet confident, style leaves audiences wanting more of his unique perspective of being Jewish in our society. “He is not your stereotypical mild-mannered Jewish comic. He is bold, full of confidence, and in complete control of the audience and the stage,” raved one prominent New York comedy club manager. Being Jewish is just a part of this comic’s routine as he has experienced many things that his audiences have and a few that nobody should ever experience. Either way, his enthusiasm and love of the craft will leave everybody sharing in his life.

Davin is one of the most versatile and flexible comedians working today. His ability to improvise and adapt to any situation ensure that every show is unique and memorable. He has plenty of hilarious, prepared material but he is not afraid to leave “the script” and create some brand new comedy specific to your audience.

When Davin was asked why he abandoned a promising career in the profession of law to pursue comedy fulltime he remarked, “I’d rather make people laugh than cry.” This former Romper Room star did not peak at age of 4. He is a rising star.  If you are looking for something completely captivating, Davin Rosenblatt is your man.