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Upcoming Shows
Rick D’Elia at Catch Princeton
Saturday, August 05 2017

rick_delia.jpgOriginally from Boston, Rick D’Elia has been a recurring sketch performer on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” whose keen observational humor and quick wit lead him to the finals in the prestigious San Francisco Comedy Competition. People are talking about this kid. So what’s the latest buzz?

“Never heard of him.” – Film critic Jeffery Lyons

“Never heard of him.” – Rick’s father

“If ‘funny’ is someone who leaves beer cans all over the house and uses the f-word in front of his mother, then I’d say yes, he’s very funny!” – Rick’s mother

“As long as he stays the required 500 yards away at all times, I don’t give a rat’s ass what he does!” –Rick’s ex-girlfriend

While maintaining that 500 yard limitation, Rick has appeared on other TV shows such as Comedy Central’s “Stand-up Stand-up,” “Comedians Unleashed,” UPN’s “Grand Slam Comedy Jam,” GSN’s “National Lampoon’s Funny Money,” and Starz/Encore’s “West Coast Comedy.” He has headlined numerous clubs all across the country and entertained our troops in Japan, Korea, Italy, Bahrain, and Germany.